As a guest of To Many Places we make sure you will get the time of your life!
We will introduce you with a new way of camping. With our upgraded tents you will both experience the adventure of camping on an exciting location with a club of (un)familiair people and enjoy the luxury elements of a hotel like a normal bed and breakfast. See for yourself down below what our tents include.


As a guest at To Many Places you will stay at an authentic location in a tent transformed into a hotelroom. Always nice and dry and never have to bungle with setting up your tent ever again! At night you can quietly fall asleep under the soft but 100% biological bedsheets.This cosy tent also contains storage space for you clothes, luggage and other belongings. In some locations it can be noisy. We take care of earplugs! We have to adapt to different locations, that’s why we are unique. We can also provide extra basic facilities like good sanitation.


You can eat your breakfast in your tent, in front of, or sometimes even outside in the sun. Everything you need you will find in the shared mobile kitchen in the center of the accommodation. On the drawers of the kitchen cabinet you can find the number of your tent. In these drawers you’ll find things like cutlery, tea and coffee. Each morning we will fill your cabinet with fresh and home cooked (region) products!


• 100% eco sheets & towels

• Shower, sink, toilet
• Soap, shower gel, shampoo
• Hairdryer
• Vanity Mirror
• Luxury breakfast
• Central light
• Ear plugs


• Flipflops
• Tooth brush
• Bathrobe
• Flashlight

bring with u


To Many Places is more than just a place to sleep. We always create a complete experience, fitted to a cultural event. Hereby To Many Places is never the same. Every event is a new edition.
The tents are placed together. After your night of sleep in privacy, you can have a chat with your neighbours and revive the day before! In this way To Many Places is also a social event were you can meet like minded people.


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